Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Buckle Straps Minimize

Using standard banding cut to specific lengths to suit three sizes of post and spot welded on a standard buckle, Morgo Buckle Straps provide the same strength of clamp but saves valuable installation time. Packaged in 25's.  Other sizes of band or lengths are readily available.

Product Code Width Post Diam.
B3/5 1/2"(13mm) 3" (76mm)
B6/5 1/2"(13mm) 6" (150mm)
B12/5 1/2"(13mm) 12" (300mm)
B3/5 3/4"(19mm) 3" (76mm)
B6/5 3/4"(19mm) 6" (150mm)
B12/5 3/4"(19mm) 12" (300mm)

Banding System Minimize

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