Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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MG1/P - MG1/S

MG1/P - MG1/S

3/4" high "C" bracket in plated mild steel with two 8mm tapped holes at 1 1/2" centres Supplied with M8x12mm hex head screws and polywashers. Maximum band width 3/4".

MG2/S Bracket


1/2" high "C" in 304 stainless steel, ideal for small signs and markers.  Two 3/16" rivet holes at 5/8" centres.  Maximum band width 1/2".

MG2/S Bracket


 "Y" bracket in 304 stainless steel with holes for M8 fixings at 1" centres (bolts not supplied).  Ideal for bus stop flags or similar signs and may be used "back to back" for additional strength.  Maximum band width 3/4".

MG5/S BracketMG5/S

A superb channel bracket with raised supports for additional strength. Supplied with M8 set screw and special slide in nut.


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