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We have a wide range of individual fixings available for purchase, just in case you need replacements for use with our products.

We also stock a range of both square and hex head bolts, complete with nuts and washers, in bags of 100 in various sizes.

Additional sizes can be sourced, so please contact a member of the team who can assist with your request.

8mm Hex Head Bolts
M8HEX01616mm Stainless Steel
M8HEX02525mm Stainless Steel
M8HEX03535mm Stainless Steel
M8HEX030BZP30mm Bright Zinc Plated
M8HEX050BZP50mm Bright Zinc Plated
M8HEX100BZP100mm Bright Zinc Plated
8mm Square Head Bolts
M8SQ02525mm Stainless Steel
M8SQ03838mm Stainless Steel
M8SQ05050mm Stainless Steel
M8SQ07575mm Stainless Steel
M8SQ100100mm Stainless Steel
8mm Nuts
M8NUTFULLFull Stainless Steel
M8NUTFULLBZPFull Bright Zinc Plated
M8NUTNStainless Steel Nyloc
M8NUTAVStainless Steel Anti-Vandal
M8NUTDStainless Steel Dome
8mm Washers
M8WASHStainless Steel
M8WASHPWhite Nylon
8mm Grub Screw
GSM08088mm x 8mm Stainless Steel Grub Screw
8mm Hex Head Bolts, Nuts & Washers. Bag of 100
M8HEX016B16mm Stainless Steel
M8HEX025B25mm Stainless Steel
M8HEX035B35mm Stainless Steel
8mm Square Head Bolts, Nuts & Washers. Bag of 100
M8SQ025B25mm Stainless Steel
M8SQ038B38mm Stainless Steel
M8SQ050B50mm Stainless Steel
M8SQ075B75mm Stainless Steel
M8SQ100B100mm Stainless Steel
PTRL4.8mm x 12mm Dome Headed Rivet
RSJCCRolled Steel Joist (RSJ) Clamp
TRFCLIPTemporary Road Frame Clip
Fixing (Cropped)